110 – Artistic Concrete Staining

(3 days)

This hands-on class will cover the most commonly asked questions about concrete staining. Perfect for the beginner and experienced applicator looking to work with different materials and techniques.

I would like to begin by staining the even though the stains used are commonly referred to as “acid stain” they do not contain, any acid.

This workshop is broken into two segments, a lecture style with question and answer that will cover

How to determine if existing surfaces are able to be stained. Surface preparation, overlay and micro topping applications.

Then we will cover the materials, determining what materials are best suited for your application, mixing, overlay, stain and dye.

We will cover materials in depth, powder pigments, water based stains and dyes and solvent stains and dyes.

Each attendee will work on 16×24 inch samples that are made of Masonite, this materials accepts the overlays well and does not warp. Each person will apply the overlay using a trowel as well as color your own samples. You will create 9 samples that are yours to take home and keep.

We will work with stencils and how to apply these finishes to laminate or “Formica” counter tops and how to use these finishes for interior and exterior surfaces.

We will also cover proper surface protection and maintenance

We will create

Single color mottled – water based and solvent based
Two color blended – water based and solvent based
A water based sample color board and a solvent based color board
One sample to resemble marble
One sample to resemble granite (great for counter tops)
Board with stencil application




110 – Artistic Concrete Staining with Ron Layman in Frederick, Maryland

June 16-18, 2014 • 9am - 5pm • Open Seats:
Tuition: 900

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