101 – Sophisticated Walls 101

April 23-27, 2018

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Our foundation class to get you started in your own faux painting business. You’ll learn painting techniques and professional installation, as well as how to set up and run a profitable decorative finishing company. Attendees will create and keep 20 portfolio ready pieces that are 16 x 24 and are yours to take home. All of the techniques taught in this workshop are explained to give you a thorough understanding of each technique and how to apply them to real world situations. You will learn and receive literature on surface preparation, tool selection, proper base topcoats and choosing the best mediums to complete your finishes. You will learn how to work in and out of corners as well as over your head. Most importantly, you will obtain the confidence to recreate the finishes you learn with consistency every time. However this is not just a class for techniques, this class contains one of the most energizing business workshops in the industry. Materials / techniques taught in this workshop Glazes, Venetian plaster, metallic plaster, Faux marble, wood graining, old world textures The business session of our 101 program has a manual packed with information. This manual covers planning, organizing, setting up and, marketing your successful faux finishing business. We’ll cover estimating faux projects properly instead of guessing and hoping that you make money. We will teach you how to develop your own cost per square foot as well. This manual is packed with tables on labor production rates, material usage rates, and a pricing guide to get you started. We will also provide you with a sample contract designed for the faux finishing industry and discuss how and why you must use a contract and written documentation. We also cover sample board approval forms and documents. The business section of our 101 class is like no other. We use proven systems that our contracting division has used and field tested since 1996.

Colors may change at the discretion of the instructor


101 – Sophisticated Walls 101 with Layman in 4989 Winchester Blvd Frederick, Maryland

April 23-27, 2-18 • 9am - 5pm • Open Seats:
Tuition: 1200.00

101 – Sophisticated Walls 101 with Layman in

• • Open Seats:

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Traditional Polished Venetian Plaster Instructional DVD


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