108 – Traditional Italian/ European lime plaster

April 16-18, 2018

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This workshop introduces the most popular types of lime-based Venetian plaster that may be used for interior and exterior surfaces — Grasello, Marmorino and Travertino. Also covered are coloring and waxing.

Toscano traditional lime based Italian plasters are not a “faux finish” they are the traditional materials used for centuries by craftsmen and artisans.

True lime and mineral based, you will find that combing proper techniques and superior materials that these finishes are much easier to accomplish than imagined.

In this workshop, we will work with many pre-tinted colors as well as a few materials that you will have the chance to custom create your own unique color to demonstrate how easily the tint bases are to work with.

About Toscano Ialian Plaster

Toscano plasters have been crafted in Italy traditionally for generations, and considered the finest products in the industry.

Made from lime, marble, water and natural ingredients and no synthetics or acrylics.

Some details about the materials. The lime used to create this is cooked at 1200 degrees verses 900 degrees like other products. This allows the particles to break down smaller or finer for a smoother finished. The lime is also double crushed, again  to create a smoother material. The material is filtered to remove large particles.

Materials you will work with
Made by Toscano plasters of Italy
Grasello, traditional lime smooth polished lime plaster
Marmorino. traditional lime based course plaster
Sil Calce (lime paint) traditional lime based paint
Polishing wax
Lime seal

Topics covered
Surface preperation
Base coating
Product mixing
Interior/ exterior aplicaltion
Sealers, lime seal, polishing waxes
Use on floors
Lyering of colors and products
Tool selection


108 – Traditional Italian/ European lime plaster with Ron Layman in Frederick, MD

April 16-18, 2018 • 9am - 4:30pm • Open Seats:
Tuition: $900

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Traditional Polished Venetian Plaster Instructions DVD


Traditional Polished Venetian Plaster Instructional DVD


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