Instructional DVDs

Professionally Produced Instructional DVDs

Can’t attend a workshop? These DVDs are hosted by Ron Layman, the founder and director of The Faux School, and each is based on the same techniques taught in our studio workshops. Shot in high definition and formatted for a wide screen, our DVDs are designed to replicate the in-studio experience and give you the feeling of attending a personal workshop with Ron.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Each DVD is edited into chapters with detailed instructions and demonstrations for every step of the process.  You can watch the entire DVD uninterrupted or choose an individual chapter at a time. Ron’s DVDs are an affordable option for those who are interested in learning on their own schedule, and they’re great refresher resources for students who’ve attended The Faux School.

Faux Finishing Products


Faux stone – acrylic textured (course) old world effect plaster

Toscano  – Stucco Antico, synthetic venetian plaster

Marmorino – course (unfiltered) lime based Traditional Venetian plaster

Grasello – smooth (unfiltered) lime based polishing plaster

Luster plaster – (formerly Oro Stone) acrylic plaster with metallic highlights, avaiable in two bases, gold and pearl


Wet Edge – aka, extender glaze for longer working (open) time. Mixes with paint

Glacis – acrylic scumble glaze, interior and exterior mixes with universal colorants

Metallic glaze – acrylic metallic and pearlescent glazes, gold, silver, bronze, copper and many more

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Traditional Polished Venetian Plaster Instructions DVD


Traditional Polished Venetian Plaster Instructional DVD


Materials & tools, Acrylic Venetian plaster, Polishing wax, Trowel