Venetian plaster polishing wax

Venetian plaster polishing wax

Our venetian plaster polishing wax is a creamy paste wax and is ideal for nourishing an protecting your venetian plaster finishes. Our wax a pleasant smell and will polish to a high gloss.

Our clear is a true clear when applied and allowed to dry. In the can it may have a creamy or milky appearance, it will dry clear.

Our metallic and decorative waxes also dry crystal clear and will leave highlights of the desired colors over the surface.

All of our waxes clean up with mineral spirits and are a final step in any decorative application. If you choose to redecorate a surface finished with our wax,

  1. wipe the surface down with a clean rag and mineral spirits, two times
  2. sand the surface with 150 grit sand paper on a pole sander
  3. wipe the surface to remove dust.
  4. prime using a good quality high adhesion bonding primer.


Quart clear $40.00
Quart gold $50.00
Quart silver $50.00
Quart bronze $50.00
Quart copper $50.00
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Traditional Polished Venetian Plaster Instructions DVD


Traditional Polished Venetian Plaster Instructional DVD


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