Ready to Learn?

At The Faux School, we believe anyone can learn to create beautiful faux finishes.  You don’t have to be an artist or have experience painting.  All you need is the desire to learn.  Our fully equipped studios provide everything you need to develop your skills.

Our Students

The Faux School attracts students from all over the world — people with diverse interests and abilities.  We welcome beginners who are interested in learning the basics of faux painting for use in their homes, as well as more advanced students looking to enhance their decorative finishing skills for business or personal use.

No Need to Invest in Specialty Tools

At The Faux School, you don’t have to invest in a lot of special tools! We work with paints from any manufacturer and, for the most part, we use tools and supplies commonly found at local paint and home improvement stores. While we do sell tools and supplies for the convenience of our students, you are not required to purchase materials from The Faux School.  We are all about teaching technique and not about selling products.

Fewer Lectures, More Learning

We share a wealth of information about every aspect of faux finishing, from surface preparation, tool selection, choosing mediums, colors and proper base and topcoats. We supply handbooks with plenty of printed information to take with you, so you don’t have to worry about taking copious notes and you can get right down to painting and practicing your technique.

Practical Matters

While you’re perfecting your newfound skills, you’ll also get helpful suggestions for working in corners and tricky areas, like over your head. Many of our workshops include sessions on business development for those students who want to start up and operate a successful faux finishing enterprise, or those wishing to add a profitable market segment to an established painting business.

All students receive a Faux School Certificate of Completion at the end of their course.

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The Faux School

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Studio Hours

Monday–Friday: 9 am–5 pm
Saturday by appointment

Traditional Polished Venetian Plaster Instructions DVD


Traditional Polished Venetian Plaster Instructional DVD


Materials & tools, Acrylic Venetian plaster, Polishing wax, Trowel